Subrogation Discovery

Search for new claims and files that dropped out of our client’s normal recovery processes. read more.
AnSR, through research and Lean Six Sigma techniques, discovers new claim opportunities. These are found through a complete analysis of the recovery process identifying weaknesses where recovery dollars are lost. Only after discovering weaknesses can improvements be made. close

Multi-Line Subrogation

AnSR is experienced and skilled in all lines of subrogation. read more.
Along with auto-to-auto subrogation, AnSR’s core competency includes design defect, manufacturer’s defect and defective warnings or instructions subrogation.close

Uninsured Motorist Subrogation

AnSR has a strict process to pursue subrogation for uninsured more.
Consistent with Lean Six Sigma principles, AnSR matches its appropriate techniques/tools (driver’s license suspension, etc.) with the situation and profile of the damager. This approach optimizes the cost/recovery ratio on uninsured motorist claims.close

Assessment of Subrogation Potential

Clients rely on AnSR’s expertise to determine whether complex claims are subrogable. read more.
Clients rely on AnSR to work with their in-house adjusters to evaluate claim recoverability.close

Training/Continuing Education

Structured in-house training curriculum for employees and clients. read more.
AnSR training classes are specifically designed around communication, conflict resolution and persuasion in tort principles. AnSR’s proprietary curriculum is available to clients and has been certified for continuing education credits.close

Electronic Data Integration

System integration allows efficient and accurate transfer of claim information between client systems and AnSR systems. read more.
System Integration ensures all claims are handled timely and free of errors. The efficiencies gained through integration include expedited billing and recovery cycle-time, less hand-off error and less overall organizational waste.close


Supervision of claim files in the litigation process and management of a nationwide network of attorneys. read more.
CMR oversees, manages and reports on client approved attorneys, and the files they are assigned. CMR holds attorneys accountable for recovering the file while keeping legal fees to a minimum. Management of the attorney and oversight on the files help speed recovery times. close


In-house arbitrators write, respond to, and file arbitration for clients as an alternative to traditional litigation. read more.
Arbitration expedites claims recoveries and significantly reduces legal expenses. Arbitration fees are roughly one half the cost of attorney fees. As a member of Arbitration Forums, damagers and their representatives can no longer strategically extend the litigation process since decisions are returned within 90 days of submission. close

Statute of Limitations (SOL) Monitoring/Muni Notices

CMR monitors Statute of Limitations on a claim-by-claim basis. CMR also has a process established to place municipalities on notice when they cause damages. read more.
Municipalities can deny claims if they are not properly placed on notice. CMR’s database includes rules and state regulations aiding in recovery of assets damaged by municipalities. CMR monitors statute of limitations for clients across all 50 states to ensure recoverability of all claims. close

Loss of Use (LOU) Calculation

Accurate calculation of LOU charges and, at a client’s request, the inclusion of the charge to invoices sent to the damager. read more.
Clients are entitled to all monies lost when damage occurs. Upon a client’s request, CMR will add the appropriate loss of use charges to the client’s invoice. close

Quality Assurance

Every claim reviewed at incremental periods for 19 key elements before closure. read more.
CMR’s focus is working every claim to completion. Our quality assurance team reviews all files at 180 days from referral date and offers suggestions to the adjusting team to expedite and improve recoveries. close


  • Actuary and Activity Based
  • Cycle Time for Billed and Recovered Claims
  • Recovery Ratios and Claim Trend Analysis

Web Portal

Ability to access claim information and status using real-time information. read more.
CMR allows clients to view their claims, reports, and statistical information via the web portal. This transparent view instills client confidence and provides independence in their ability to measure CMR’s results. close