• Holiday Hours

    AnSR offices will be closed beginning at noon on Tuesday, December 24th and will reopen Thursday, January 2nd with normal business hours.


     Please have a safe and successful holiday!

  • AnSR Headquarters Wins AIA Design Award!

    We are proud to announce AnSR's corporate headquarters won a regional design award from the American Institute of Architects in the historic preservation/adaptive reuse category. This award celebrates the best in architecture and urban design. The AIA had over 150 entries and only 29 awards were handed out.Check out the article HERE!


  • Thanksgiving Holiday

    To celebrate Thanksgiving, AnSR will be closing its office at noon on Wednesday, November 27th and will re-open on Monday, December 2nd.


    Please have a HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL Thanksgiving!

  • Labor Day Holiday - 2013

    In observance of Labor Day, AnSR will be closed on Monday, September 2nd. The company will reopen on Tuesday, September 3rd with normal business hours.


    Please have a SAFE and SUCCESSFUL holiday!

  • Employee of the Month - June 2013 (Support Team)

    Congratulations to Jessica Timoteo for winning AnSR's Support Team Employee of the Month Award for June!

    This award is given to one employee selected from the CMR group of companies, including AnSR and AMR, who exemplifies SUCCESS!

    Jessica was described as:

    • Has a great attitude.
    • One of the most upbeat employees we have.
    • Always here and always willing to help out.
    • Has one of the most important jobs at the company and does it exceptionally well.
    • Always positive and friendly to everyone she comes in contact with
    • Her great attitude is infectious.
    • Truly an asset to the company.

    Jessica was praised in front of the companies, awarded with a check, and given a framed certificate recognizing her accomplishment. Thank you, Jessica for a successful month!

  • AnSR Closing Early to Celebrate!

    AnSR will be closed at noon on Thursday, August 29th for a company-wide celebration! AnSR is closing shop to party at Dave and Busters for reaching its monthly goal. Our afternoon will consist of a catered lunch and healthy competition between co-workers!

    Congratulations to AnSR (CMR and AMR included) for achieving yet another goal! Way to EXPECT SUCCESS!

    AnSR will reopen with normal business hours on Friday, August 30th.

  • Employee of the Month - May 2013 (Recovery Team)

    Congratulations to Charles Daron for winning AnSR's Recovery Team Employee of the Month Award for April! This award is given to one employee selected from the CMR group of companies, including AnSR and AMR, who exemplifies SUCCESS!

    Charles was described as:

    • His job performance is consistently exceptional.
    • Always here on time and never misses work for arbitrary reasons.
    • Someone you can depend on to show up and get the job done.
    • A great team player, and very assertive in sharing his thoughts and ideas with others.
    • He has grown a lot personally and professionally since they have been here.
    • He has an outstanding attitude, a great sense of humor, and loves to make people laugh.
    • His ideas have directly helped the ARB department get better results.
    • Willing to do whatever he is asked to and also delights in the success of others.

    Charles was praised in front of the companies, awarded with a check, and given a framed certificate recognizing his accomplishment. Thank you, Charles for a successful month!

  • 2013 Dean A. McGee Awards - Executive Team Photo

    The CMR group's (AnSR, CMR, and AMR) executive team celebrated Chip as the 2013 recipient of the Neal Horton Award at the Dean McGee gala. The Neal Horton award is presented to a visionary who creates a renaissance in a downtown area.

    Pictured above (from left to right): Bill Haaland - President/CEO of AnSR, Richard Cook - President/CEO of CMR, Chip Fudge - Chairman, Cindy McInerney - CFO

  • Premiere on Film Row!

    Exciting things are happening on Film Row! Come out and join the festivities for Final Friday on Film Row. We thought you might be interested in this short video where the Hart Building (AnSR headquarters) is featured!

    As a part of this historic film community in downtown OKC, AnSR is excited to be a part of this terrific event!

  • Out of Office!

    Due to the tornado that hit an OKC suburb, the CMR group (CMR, AnSR & AMR) will closing its office on Friday, May 24th. Also, the offices will be closed on May 27th in observance of Memorial Day. The offices will re-open on May 28th for normal business hours!

    Have a SAFE holiday!

  • Tornado Update

    Friends of CMR, AnSR and AMR,

    As you probably heard, a devastating tornado hit Moore, OK and southern Oklahoma City yesterday. First responders continue to work with heart and soul to help all in need. Fortunately our offices, located in central Oklahoma City, were missed entirely by the storm, and we are fully operational.

    In a relatively small town like Oklahoma City and the surrounding suburbs, everyone is affected by such damage. Several of our co-workers sustained damage in varying degrees, however our team is safe. Recovery and rebuilding comes next. Our entire team is behind all Oklahomans who will bravely pick up the pieces and rebuild.

    We ask for your thoughts and prayers during this challenging time. The Oklahoma will is exceptionally strong. We have every intention to make it through this event with a spirit stronger than ever.

    We Expect Success!

    Thank you all for your support.

    Bill Haaland, Richard Cook, Chip Fudge and Cindy McInerney

  • AnSR Gives Back!

    A group of AnSR employees, championed by CFO Cindy McInerney, participated in OKC's 2013 Heart Walk. As a survivor Cindy's drive helped the team raise over $4500 for the cause. AnSR's donation positioned the company in the top 25 donor list for this year's campaign! Way to go team!


    Pictured above is Cindy McInerney and her husband Mike.

  • Employee of the Month - March 2013 (Support Team)

    Congratulations to Jonathan Reese for winning the CMR group's Support Team Employee of the Month Award for March! This award is given to one employee from the CMR group of companies, including AnSR and AMR who exemplifies SUCCESS!

    Jonathan was described as:

    • He always stays professional and friendly no matter what the situation is.
    • He is always dependable and on time.
    • He is a pleasure to be around and is a valuable asset to the company
    • He is extremely helpful and knowledgeable and does not mind going the extra mile to help out
    • His teamwork and dedication to the company made our move successful and practically flawless.
    • He is always willing to help out where needed
    • He maintains a positive "get the job done attitude" and is always very calm under pressure.

    Jonathan was praised in front of the companies, awarded with a check, and given a framed certificate recognizing his accomplishment. Thank you, Jonathan, for a SUCCESSFUL month!

  • AnSR Closing Early to PARTY!

    The CMR group of companies (AnSR, CMR and AMR) will be closing its office at noon on Friday, the 26th of April to celebrate its successful record-setting month in March! The entire operation will be headed to the Festival of the Arts in downtown OKC to enjoy fantastic food, wonderful weather, corporate camaraderie and support our local arts community.


    Everyone will be back to work with normal hours on Monday, the 29th of April.

  • Dean A. McGee Award Winners - Congrats Chip!

    AnSR's chairman, John M. "Chip" Fudge, is being recognized for his work on Historic Film Row in Downtown OKC!


    Chip is being presented with the 2013 Neal A. Horton award given to a "visionary who creates a renaissance in a downtown area." Click the following link to read the article: Dean A. McGee Award

  • SandRidge Sky Trail - Challenge Accepted!

    AnSR President and CEO, Bill Haaland, climbs to new heights as a member of Leadership Oklahoma City Class XXXI.Leadership Oklahoma City (LOKC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the pool of volunteers who have the capacity to be effective forces of positive change in the community.


    The SandRidge Sky Trail is the world’s tallest adventure course. The 80-foot structure features six levels of challenges, including a double vertical rope ladder, triple dip handling, zig zag beam, and much more. 

  • Lunch at Vast atop the Devon Tower

    As a holiday treat, the management team at CMR and AnSR hosted a luncheon to say "thank you" to the executive team (Richard Cook, Chip Fudge, Bill Haaland and Cindy McInerney). Reservations were accepted at one of Oklahoma City's premier restaurants, Vast, located 49 stories above downtown Oklahoma City, in the newly constructed Devon Tower. The management and executive teams enjoyed seared salmon, grilled New York strips, coupled with asiago-potato-leek menage and asparagus with tarragon jus and topped off with a chocolate tiramisu cake. Everyone loved the view and had a wonderful time!

  • Subrogation Defined

    Subrogation Definition - A term denoting a legal right reserved by most insurance carriers. Subrogation is the right for an insurer to pursue a third party that caused an insurance loss to the insured. This is done as a means of recovering the amount of the claim paid to the insured for the loss.

    Subrogation example - When an insured driver's car is totaled through the fault of another driver. The insurance carrier will reimburse the covered driver under the terms of the policy and then pursue legal action against the driver at fault. If the carrier is successful, it must divide the amount recovered after expenses proportionately with the insured to repay any deductible paid by the insured.

  • Maron Koop - Manager of the Year 2012

    Congratulations to Maron Koop, Director of Operations at AnSR, for winning the annual Manager of the Year award. This award is given to one manager from the CMR group of companies, which includes CMR, AnSR and AMR. Maron's leadership and managerial qualities were describes as:

    • This manager continually provides an encouraging learning and motivational influence throughout each and every day.
    • This manager is a leader, he constantly inspires everyone on the team to be their best.
    • This manager is a very caring person, naturally, people want to do well and never fail someone who invests so much of their time into their team.
    • This manager always keeps a positive outlook, even in stressful situations.
    • This manager allows his team to focus on their job while preparing them for their future.
    • This manager is a great listener, they listen and understand the points of view of others and considers them fairly.
    • This manager cares about their team, as much, if not more than himself.

    Maron was praised in front of the company, awarded with a check, and given a plaque and trophy recognizing his accomplishment.

     Again, congratulations Maron Koop for winning Manager of the Year award for 2012!

  • AnSR's New Home!

    With the upcoming move, we thought you might be interested in an article where AnSR, Chip Fudge and Film row are mentioned. Pay close attention to the last question and response! AnSR is getting ready to move one of Oklahoma City's upcoming "hot spots!" Expect Success!


  • Holiday Hours

    AnSR offices will be closed on the following dates:

    • Monday, December 24th @ 3:00 PM
    • Tuesday, December 25th - All Day
    • Monday, December 31st @ 3:00 PM
    • Tuesday, January 1st 2013 - All Day

     Thank you and Happy Holidays!


    Acquisition Enhances Subrogation and Collection Services Nationwide

    (Oklahoma, City, Oklahoma) - Claims Management Resources, Inc. (CMR) announced today the acquisition of Credit Collections, Inc. (CCI), effective January 1, 2013. Under the arrangement, CMR will begin managing CCI on December 17, 2012. With the effective date of the transaction, January 1, 2013, CCI will be renamed Account Management Resources, Inc. (AMR).

    CCI was founded in Oklahoma City in 1967 by Jack and Jo Fudge. CCI provides account management and collection of delinquent debts owed to its customers. The Company serves medical and educational institutions throughout Oklahoma and the central United States. CCI’s customer base represents many of the region’s best medical and educational institutions.

    CMR was founded as Recovery Specialists, Inc. (RSI) in 1988. CMR is a full-service, damage claim recovery firm specializing in utility and governmental claims throughout the United States. CMR houses a sister company, Advanced Subrogation Resources, Inc (AnSR). Founded in 2010, AnSR leverages CMR’s 25 years of claims recovery experience. AnSR services the nation’s insurance industry providing complete outsourced subrogation services.

    “This is an outstanding opportunity for these three companies. CCI ‘s team of strong professionals will integrate very well with our group,” stated John M. “Chip” Fudge, CMR Chairman. “Having owned CCI between 1991 and 1998, the organization and its staff remain important to me. The addition of CCI made perfect sense and we’re looking forward to a strong, productive future for all involved."

    The CMR group will now include Claims Management Resources, Inc., Advanced Subrogation Resources, Inc. and Account Management Resources, Inc.The companies are owned and operated by its three partners: “Chip” Fudge, Richard Cook and Bill Haaland.

    ”This acquisition will bring our total employee count to roughly 150,“ stated Richard Cook. “We will gain important efficiencies through the consolidation of accounting operations and core computer systems. We’re excited with how this new relationship will strengthen our entire team.”

    The collaboration of the three companies will offer a niche combination of subrogation and collections services.This will position CMR,AnSR and AMR clients with industry-leading asset damage and account recovery resources.

    “As subrogation companies, neither CMR nor AnSR have worked in collections previously," stated Bill Haaland. “Ourstrategic philosophy of ‘Expect Success’ means our clients can anticipate theresults, culture, experience and process needed for successful claims recovery.The addition of CCI and the launching of AMR will help us strengthen this commitment to our customers.”

    CMR, AnSR and AMR are headquartered in Oklahoma City. For more information, contact Bill Haaland at 405.606.8221or visit cmrclaims.com, ansrweb.com or cciokc.com.


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