1. The 100 most recent closed subrogation claims are sent to AnSR (in any format available)
  2. AnSR reviews each claim collecting key data
  3. The data is collected and benchmarked in approximately 46 categories
  4. 100 new subrogation files are assigned to AnSR for recovery
  5. As files are closed, AnSR collects and benchmarks the data IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY YOUR FILES WERE REVIEWED
  6. AnSR produces the CORE Analysis which compares:
    a. Your files and Results
    b. AnSR’s work on your files and Results
    c. NASP benchmarks where applicable
    d. The difference between Your files and Results and AnSR’s work and results
  7. AnSR is compensated for CORE with a contingency fee on recovered files only.
    a. The contingency fee is equal to your cost, as a ratio to recoveries, plus 15%.